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Models / Brandi Mae

Avg Rating: 3.9

Brandi Mae Vital Stats:
Age:  35
Home town:  Las Vegas, NV
Height:  5'2
Weight:  145 lbs
Wins:  2
Losses:  10
Wrestling Name:  The Boulder

Brandi Mae Updates

Brandi Mae vs Ecko Belle Orgasm Challenge
Brandi Mae, Ecko Belle
42 Photos, 11 min of video
These Muscle Mommies are all horny from sex fighting last week. They barely had time to deflate their clits, All the horney is still flowing through their veins. They are ready to lez out and see who can best whom in strictly sexual.

Tags: Facesitting Fingers In The Pussy Fit Women Orgasm Challenge Orgasm On the Mat Tribbing
Brandi Mae vs Ecko Belle
Brandi Mae, Ecko Belle
154 Photos, 40 min of video
Get ready for some Muscle on Muscle Action. Brandi Mae is our Veteran today and she's going to show our Rookie, Ecko Belle a little "body of knowlege" on the sex fight mats and Ecko is going to try to "flex" her sex skill. Both girls put everything into this match, Brandi is known for losing all her matches and she is hoping she can finally get a "W" against another muscle mommy. The both have the brawn and they both have the heart, they both have sensetive swollen clits that make the suseptible to easy orgasms. This one can not be missed. Powerful holds on women who are not often made vulnerable. One of these strong powerful women is going to submit today. It's a privilege to see these diciplined hard bodies turn submissive, The winner gets to strap up and fuck the loser, The loser cums over and over, their giant clips getting pounded and pumped.

Tags: Facesitting Female Bodybuilder Fingers In The Pussy Fit Women FLEXING Kissing LEZDOM MUSCLE WORSHIP Strap On Fucking Tribbing Winner Fucks Loser
Brandi Mae vs Agatha Delicious
Agatha Delicious, Brandi Mae
110 Photos, 43 min of video
Brandi Mae got a taste for victory in one of her matches and now she wants more. She believes her muscles will destroy the long lean dragon, Agatha Delicious. Agatha has her head in the game, She wants to use her legs on the muscle babe to get Brandi to tap enough times that Agatha can use the submission penalties to lick Brandi's huge clit to get her close to "O". This match does go the distance. The winner is called. The winner starts with a softer round 4 style. She seduces the loser with kissing and breast fondling. The winner plays with the loser's clit until the loser is twitching from arousal. The winner gets on top of the loser and pumps her pussy on top of the loser's body. The Winner rubs her clit all over the loser until the winner cums, having used the loser's body for her pleasure

Tags: Big Breasts Facesitting Fingers In The Pussy Fit Women FLEXING Kissing Leg Scissor Squeeze MUSCLE WORSHIP Tribbing Winner Fucks Loser
Leya Falcon vs. Brandi Mae
Brandi Mae, Leya Falcon
108 Photos, 43 min of video
Brandi Mae and Leya Falcon have major losing records. Leya has not won a match yet and brandi...poor brandi with all those glorious muscles has barely won any matches aside from the mixed wrestling matches she has won. Today we pit these two babes against each other, not to humliate but to finally give one of them a fucking win. Someone has to win today and the energy and skill we see on the mats today prove that both of these women are serious. These girls bounce off each other. Their huge tits and asses smother each other while seducing each other. Both of these Lesbians love beautiful ass and there is a LOT of gorgeous ass on display today. Brandi flexes her muscles while she's on top of Leya and Leya grinds her hind on Brandi's face she she's on top. This is a high energy sex fight that makes these girls dig deep to get to the end. The winner wears a big black strap on cock and throat fucks the loser then fucks the loser's asshole just the way a loser should be fucked.

Tags: Anal Butt Plug Facesitting FLEXING Kissing LEZDOM MUSCLE WORSHIP Winner Fucks Loser
2020 Year In Review: Best Moments of 2020
Agatha Delicious, Alexa Nova, Bella Rossi, Brandi Mae, Carissa Montgomery, Cheyenne Jewel, Dakota Marr, Helena Locke, Juliette March, Kay Carter, Kelli Provocateur, Lauren Phillips
212 Photos, 101 min of video
We say good riddance to 2020. The difference between a obstacle and an opportunity is perspective. We sure had a few obstacles in 2020 but we managed to Evolve and move forward with putting on a tournament for the first time. We also were able to get some amazing first time wrestlers for us. The Athletes who are new to us are "Freshmen". We recap some of the hottest freshmen to come to our mats in 2020. With the likes of Carissa Montgomery, Mocha Menage, Lauren Phillips, Helena Locke, Dakota Mar, Spencer Bradley, Kay Carter, Lily Lane, Maya, Riley Reyes, Miss Demeanor, Agatha Delicious and Juliette March we got some outstanding competitive and erotic matches this year that you may have missed. Come take a look back at all the freshmen who gave us highly entertaining moments. We wrap this year with a ode to the girls of our tournament. We hope to have more tournaments for vets and for freshmen in 2021!

Tags: Anal Big Breasts Bondage Compilation Facesitting Fingers In The Pussy Fisting Foot Domination Foot on Head Foot Play Hair Pulling Strap On Fucking Tribbing
Tori Avano vs Brandi Mae
Brandi Mae, Tori Avano
165 Photos, 43 min of video
Do you like feet? I don't think either one of these ladies knew they were into sweaty feet until this match started. These girls are evenly matched and this end up putting them in a bunch of positions that are 50/50 meaning Brandi has a 50% chance of getting a sexual advantage and Tori also has a 50% chance to get a sexual advantage. These position also put feet in faces a lot. These girls aren't known for turning down a good time, so if an opportunity arises, they will take advantage. If a foot in nearby, they grab it suck it fuck it and do anything they can to get their opponent aroused. This match is so close for 3 rounds that it has to go a 4th round as a tiebreaker. In a tie Breaker, sexual activity must be done simultaneously so that each sex fighter has the same likelihood of having an orgasm. The loser cums hard and fast after 3 full rounds of foreplay. The winner strap on fucks the loser and rides her face.

Tags: Big Breasts Body Scissors Facesitting Female Bodybuilder Fingers In The Pussy Kissing Leg Scissor Squeeze Strap On Fucking Tribbing Winner Fucks Loser
Brandi Mae vs London River
Brandi Mae, London River
90 Photos, 42 min of video
Brandi Mae is a solid body builder with big muscles and a big clit. London River is a sexy poll dancer with deceitful upper body strength. Today these two porn babes, enter into a sex fight to see who will be wearing the strap on. Brandi is really good at keeping her powerful legs locked closed. London is really good at freaking out her opponent with sexy moves like armpit licking and kissing. These girls are all over the mats with their wrestling. It's a real power exchange between these two. One of these women gets the W and is able to strap on fuck her prize. The winner humiliates the loser by rubbing the cock all over the losers body, sucking her clit and leaving her used on the mats.

Tags: Armpit Licking Big Breasts Facesitting Humiliation Kissing Strap On Fucking Tribbing Winner Fucks Loser
Bella Rossi vs Brandi Mae
Bella Rossi, Brandi Mae
70 Photos, 42 min of video
Everyone loves Bella Rossi. Everyone also loves Brandi Mae. No matter who loses, all the fans win. Today we see what makes Evolved Fights scoring and rules so unique and cool. Bella Rossi has more wrestling skill while Brandi Mae is more seductive and since this IS a sex fight, the sensual stuff really adds up fast. The First round is tied up as Bella gets on top and scissors Brandi but Brandi is able to keep fingers on Bella's butt hole and a mouth on her pussy. This makes for a very interesting dynamic. Round 3 is close and this match comes down to the difference of just one point. The winner gets to take her prize. She strap on fucks the loser then puts her pussy on the loser's pussy and uses the loser for her pleasure. Winner lifts and carries the loser off as a take home prize.

Tags: Big Breasts Facesitting Fingers In The Pussy Foot Domination Kissing Lift And Carry Strap On Fucking Tribbing Winner Fucks Loser
Cheyenne Jewel Compilation
Brandi Mae, Cheyenne Jewel, Jasmeen LeFleur, Riley Daniels, Riley Reyes
57 Photos, 113 min of video
Last week you saw Cheyenne destroy sex fighting rookie and favorite, Riley Reyes in our tournament match. We have compiled all of Cheyenne's matches with our site(s) both mixed and lesbian to show the dominance of this amazing sex fighter. Cheyenne is undefeated in Lesbian wrestling and today in this comp, you get to see her be submissive in the ONE mixed match she's ever lost. Cheyenne doesn't ever lose but when she does she is will to get dominated and fucked well. Because Cheyenne is so dominant against ladies, we typically only book her with men so there are more mixed matches in the compilation and that will be rectified this coming year. This compilation is over an hour. We really want to showcase how amazing Kara has been over the course of her career with us. Next week we update with Kara vs Daisy. Victoria Voxx is unable to return to the tournament due to COVID, So a rookie Named Miss Demeanor will take her place to face Cheyenne. The winner of Cheyenne vs Miss Demeanor will take on the winner of Kara vs Daisy

Tags: Anal Armpit Licking Ass Licking Compilation Facesitting Fingers In The Pussy Fit Women Foot on Head Hair Pulling Humiliation Leg Scissor Squeeze Slapping Spanking Strap On Fucking Tribbing
Victoria Voxxx Wrestling Compilation
Brandi Mae, Daisy Ducati, Dee Williams, Victoria Voxxx
50 Photos, 72 min of video
Last week you saw Victoria Voxxx destroy muscle babe, Brandi Mae in the first tournament match. If you haven't seen Victoria's other matches, you're in luck because today we bring you the best of Victoria Voxxx sex fighting. Victora Voxx is becoming one of the greatest sex fighter of all time and she's only been wrestling a short while. She has an ability to seduce her opponents and throw them off guard. Today we have compiled all her best mixed wrestling and lesbian wrestling into over an hour of sexfighting for you. Win or Lose, Victoria Voxx will earn your respect and boners. Next week you get to see Daisy Ducati vs Dee Williams for another tournament match up.

Tags: Anal Compilation Facesitting Fingers In The Pussy Spanking Strap On Fucking Submission Wrestling Tribbing
Brandi Mae vs Victoria Voxxx
Brandi Mae, Victoria Voxxx
180 Photos, 45 min of video
Welcome to the Fall Brawl tournament....in Spring. Tournaments are a major pain in the ass to run over the course of a month and even more of a pain in the ass when a pandemic comes along to ruin everything. We only have the first leg of the tournament shot, This tournament is going to build much much tension until we are allowed to resume shooting. For now YOU all get to enjoy an amazing sex fight between the muscle Goddess, Brandi Mae and the Sex goddess, Victoria Vox. This match is muscle against seduction. Both these women are turned on by each other. They make each other horny just looking at each other. The moment the laid eyes on each other they started flirting and exchanging numbers. The chemistry comes out in their match.Both Girls go for broke and each tries to make the other girl cum hard. This is a tournament match and the winner not only wants to make her opponent cum but she wants to move on to the next girl and make her cum. There is a lot of hot authentic lesbian action here. We just let these girls go at it and the sex was better than we could have ever dreamed of. The winner moves on to the next one while the loser is left worn out from cumming over and over.

Tags: Ass fingering Big Breasts Body Scissors Facesitting Fingers in Ass Kissing Strap On Fucking Tribbing Winner Fucks Loser
Brandi Mae vs Riley Reyes
Brandi Mae, Riley Reyes
55 Photos, 55 min of video
Brandi Mae is a Muscular Hard Ass MILF ready to fuck up this cute blond rookie coming all the way from California. Riley Reyes is a Jiu Jistu practitioner who loves eating pussy. Riley trains regularly and has a blue belt in BJJ, Brandi Mae trains weights and has no belts but she feels that her experience as a sex fighter along with her beautiful feminine muscles will get her the "W" Today. This match is intense. Its the classic brawn vs skill. These girls have intense chemistry and both girls are very very close to coming on the mats at any given moment. The winner gets her strap on, fucks the loser the way she wants and then leaves her on the mats humiliated and drained from getting fucked to good.

Tags: Big Breasts Choke Fucking Facesitting Female Bodybuilder Fingers In The Pussy Fit Women Strap On Fucking Tribbing Winner Fucks Loser
Brandi Mae vs Mia Little
Brandi Mae, Mia Little
148 Photos, 46 min of video
Mia Little and Brandi Mae are both powerful firecrackers. They have similar wrestling styles which makes for some very sexy moments. The girls' muscles bounce off of each other as they pound into each other. They are big beautiful balls of power, muscle and sex appeal. One wrestler is able to show some dominance and take it in the end. The Winner strap on fucks the loser, trib fucks her and lifts and carries the loser to show her utter dominance. The power girl who is lifted is utterly flabbergasted that another woman can lift and carry her.

Tags: Fingers In The Pussy Lift And Carry Tribbing Winner Fucks Loser
Dee Williams vs Brandi Mae
Brandi Mae, Dee Williams
100 Photos, 51 min of video
Styles Make Fights. That's what we say in the fight game which is the equivalent of "Any Given Sunday". It means that anybody could potentially beat anybody else, regardless of skill or performance disparities against common opponents. This is extremely true in sex fighting. Brandi Mae surely is the strongest female we have ever seen on the mats. But her strength and skill don't help her much against sex fighters who have a style that aims to make her cum over and over again. Dee Williams is a purple belt in Brazilian Jujitsu. She doesn't have big muscles but what she does have is a skill set beyond what most our women have...that and she does have huge soft titties. Brandi Mae has a weakness for the soft pillow jugs that this hot MILF Dee Williams possesses. Dee Williams has a weakness as well for Brandi's large hard muscles and her big clit. Today comes down to who is LESS horny for the other woman. At any given moment in round 3, both of these girls are very close to orgasm. This match could have gone either way. Today The Winner fucks the loser with a Real Cock Dildo. The loser is taken to the locker room and fucked until she cums over and over again and is weakened from all the...

Tags: Armpit Licking Big Breasts Facesitting Fingers In The Pussy Fit Women Humiliation Leg Scissor Squeeze Lift And Carry Strap On Fucking Winner Fucks Loser
Mothers Day MILF Tournament 2019
Brandi Mae, Serene Siren, Sofie Marie
60 Photos, 58 min of video
This is a Mother's Day Special Mini Tournament. We have 2 Moms and 1 furbaby Mommy here. These mature women are set to battle 2 rounds each. This tournament is best of 2 which means each girl fights one another. Win or Lose for their first round, the wrestlers still move on to do another round. Only one girl can win both rounds she is in which means she wins the tournament. If a wrestler wins one and loses one of her rounds she comes in second. The wrestler who loses both her rounds comes in third place. No matter what, one this is certain, in this tournament, everyone is fucked. The wrestler who comes in first place dominates her two losers by making them both lick her pussy and trib fuck each other. She then gets a strap on and fucks each of her losers until they have cum for her. After all the lesbians get their orgasms Serene Siren heads to the locker room alone where she has a conversation with the Ref, Ariel X. Brandi and Sofie sneak in to the locker room and overhear part of the conversation which leads them to believe that Serene is cheating in her matches. After Ariel leaves the room, Brandi and Sofie tag team fuck Serene and take all her money.

Tags: Facesitting Female Bodybuilder Fit Women Humiliation Slapping Spanking Strap On Fucking Tribbing Winner Fucks Loser
Brandi Mae vs Cheyenne Jewel
Brandi Mae, Cheyenne Jewel
48 Photos, 43 min of video
Brandi "The Boulder" Mae is a muscular superwoman taking on a lean, mean Cheyenne Jewel. Watching these two muscle goddesses clinch up is utterly hot. Their muscles ripple and flex with every hold. Cheyenne Jewel gets caught in Brandi's legs and it looks like trouble to Cheyenne. Brandi Mae is so powerful and strong that, once she grabs a hold of you, it is virtually impossible to break free. We have 20-second penalties after a submission which are great for building women up for orgasms. The winner is announced after 3 hard fought wrestling rounds. The winner makes the loser worship her feet and muscles. The winner slams the loser down on the mat with a snap mare and then face sits her. The Winner uses the loser's entire body as her toy. The two wrestlers trib fuck, face fuck and body fuck. The winner uses the loser's bicep for a masturbation toy then sits on her face, has an orgasm and the lifts and carries the loser off the mats.

Tags: Body Scissors Facesitting Female Bodybuilder Fingers In The Pussy Fit Women Foot Domination Hand Gag Humiliation Leg Scissor Squeeze Lift And Carry Penalty Rounds Spanking Strap On Fucking Submission Wrestling Tribbing Winner Fucks Loser


Brandi vs Kelli, interracial Amazon showdown
Brandi Mae should get awarded the title "biggest loser" of evolvedfightslez. Six fights and six losses, a very impressive record, hahaha.
Eighth consecutive defeat for "The Boulder" HAHAHAHHAHAA
Ms. Brandi Mae, You are My #2 Favorite Evolved Fights Wrestler; 2nd to Ms. Kelli Provocateur; MY #1 FAVORITE WAR GODDESS; FOR LIFE. PLEASE KEEP TRYING AND FIGHT LIKE HELL ON THAT WRESTLING MAT. I LOVE YOU,TOO. You can be tough and rough when you want to be. Work on your freestyle wrestling skills; train on those skills. You are already strong;but as you already know; strength cannot defeat skill in the sport of wrestling.You can be THE BEST.
Ms. Brandi Mae, You can be one of the best on that wrestling mat; just keep trying.I ( A Nubian god) loves both you and Kelli; THE GORGEOUS AND POWERFUL MUSCLE gODDESSES OF THE VERY REAL WORLD OF THE AMAZON WRESTLING MAT( AND APARTMENT STYLE WRESTLING(SCRIPTED)).
Brandi i really love you so much i wish you can be my girlfriend..
An eternal loser who deserves an unprincipled anal fuck every time!
Brandi no offense but I’m sure you couldn’t even beat me in a sexfight let alone a wrestling match but you for sure make it very entertaining to see you lose and definitely put in a hell of a fight.
Hey Ariel can you try to get Rapture/Goddess Rapture on the site? She's another FBB who does XXX content including a good number of shoots with Brandi Mae. She's also wrestled before. I would love it if you could get her to wrestle for the site. Thank you, hope you see and read this comment soon.
Brandi is so sexy! I would love to wrestle her, and let her lock my head in between her thick thighs as I lick her asshole.