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Models / London River

Avg Rating: 4.1

London River Vital Stats:
Age:  34
Home town:  Las Vegas, NV
Height:  5'7
Weight:  138 lbs
Wins:  7
Losses:  3
Wrestling Name:  The Spider

London River Updates

Bad Bella vs Leya Falcon vs London River
Bad Bella, Leya Falcon, London River
199 Photos, 42 min of video
Today is the Annual Mother's Day tribute. We have 3 wonderful Mom's I'd Like to Fight (and fuck). London River has the most mat time out of these three lesbian MILFS, Followed by Leya Falcon with the second most mat time and Finally miss Bad Bella who is making her Debut on the Lesbian edition after having a great first match on the mixed site. Each MILF gets the chance to fight every MILF competing today, The first round is London vs. Leya Falcon, the second round is London vs Bad Bella and the last match is Bad Bella vs. Leya. The MILF who has the most wins is the absolute winner. The two who lose their matches fight each other to determine, second place ( which really just is the first loser) and third place ( which is the biggest loser). The Biggest loser gets two dicks from the MILFS who beat her. The second place brat gets some dick as well and the winner thinks she's getting off without getting fucked but the two loser drag her back on the mat for face fucking and tribbing. This match is a wonderful exhibition of Big tittied Blond MILFS, trash talking each other and haviing fun fucking.

Tags: Big Breasts Facesitting Fingers In The Pussy Kissing Leg Scissor Squeeze LEZDOM Strap On Fucking Threeway Tournament Tribbing Winner Fucks Loser
Joslyn Jane vs London River Orgasm Challenge
Joslyn Jane, London River
45 Photos, 11 min of video
Last Week we saw the incredible sex fight between two competitive sexual gladiators, One of these blond babes, outclassed the other in sex wrestling, Now we leave the victory in the hands of the Orgasm. The girl who cums the Most loses. Dont Blink, just when you think One girl has this one in the bag, her seduction creeps in and she steals it from her oppontent

Tags: Big Breasts Facesitting Fingers In The Pussy Orgasm Challenge Orgasm On the Mat Squirt Tribbing
Joslyn Jane vs London River
Joslyn Jane, London River
119 Photos, 42 min of video
London River has been aching to get another cute blond on the mats so she can smother her with her tits and ass. Joslyn Jane is getting ready for Mixed wrestling in a few weeks so she is going to try to use London as her grappling dummy/ sex doll. As soon as these two meet on the mats, it's clear who the more confident in their skills is. London can easily dominate Joslyn but it's all a trick. Joslyn is playing opossum, she plays like she doesn't know what she's doing and then pounces with great Power on London. London's guard is up in round 3 where orgasms are instant victory. She knows how tricky Joslyn can be, so London wants to make Joslyn cum to solidify this victory but she needs to be careful not to cum, herself. The winner dominates the loser with a strap-on, tribbing, and face fucking.

Tags: Armpit Licking Big Breasts Facesitting Strap On Fucking Tribbing Winner Fucks Loser
Fighting Compilation
Agatha Delicious, April Storm, Bella Rossi, Bella Wilde, Channy Crossfire, Charlie Valentine, Daisy Ducati, Fiesty Feminista, Helena Locke, Jupiter Jetson, Kaiia Eve, Lauren Phillips
76 Photos, 68 min of video
This video is a Primer for our tournament that starts Next week. WARNING!!!! THIS VIDEO DOES CONTAIN MIXED WRESTLING CONTENT WITH PENIS! if you wish not to see penis, fastforward. The first match up will be Carmen vs. Kaiia. We review some of the past matches for the 8 ladies in our tournament to showcase their skills and improvements over the years. We also cover why some models like Lora Cross and Fiesty Feminista aren't in this year's tournament. Enjoy some of the past matches featuring, Carmen Valentina, Kaiia Eve, Jupiter Jetson, Paris Love, Agatha Delicious, Bella Rossi, Daisy Ducati and Savanah Fox
Feisty is injured this year, Lora Cross was traveling and unavailable to compete

Tags: Compilation Facesitting Fingers In The Pussy Humiliation Leg Scissor Squeeze Strap On Fucking Tribbing
London River vs Paris Love Orgasm Challenge
London River, Paris Love
49 Photos, 11 min of video
The Orgasm Challenges are becoming somewhat of a social experiment. After two horny lesbians struggle through a sex fight, both seem to be highly turned on either from submitting to a superior sex fighter or from dominating their opponent and feeling powerful. We've been getting a lot of consecutive orgasms out of some of our wrestlers and today is no different. Today it's sexual fighting only. London and Paris are both trying to win this. London wants to show she can overcome her loss and Paris wants to solidify that she's a better sexual athlete in every way.

Tags: Big Breasts Facesitting Fingers In The Pussy Kissing LEZDOM Orgasm On the Mat Tribbing
London River vs Paris Love
London River, Paris Love
132 Photos, 39 min of video
Paris Love is back this season to take on one of the veterans and fan favorites, London River. London has taken a little hiatus from wrestling but she's stronger than ever. Paris is a little faster than London and she's able to scramble into good sexual holds on London but London puts up a struggle and never stops perving on the Catfight beauty, Paris. This fight goes the distance and the loser is put in her place with strap on fucking and lesbian scissoring domination

Tags: Big Breasts Kissing Leg Scissor Squeeze MUSCLE WORSHIP Strap On Fucking Tribbing Winner Fucks Loser
Lily Lane vs London River ORGASM CHALLENGE
Lily Lane, London River
31 Photos, 11 min of video
Last Week we saw the two lesbians rubbing their pussies all over each other and edging themselves. Each wrestler was thoroughly aroused for the prize round and now it's open season for the the orgasm infliction. Lily already got her orgasms out while getting fucked like a loser so maybe she stands a chance when we only focus on the orgasms. There is a 10 minute time limit for this challenge, The most orgasms is the loser. Both wrestlers are highly aroused from their sex fight and they have built up a lot of tension and they are both ready to release but only one can win today and she's gonna control her urges.

Tags: Big Breasts Facesitting Fingers In The Pussy Kissing Orgasm On the Mat Tribbing
Lily Lane vs London River
Lily Lane, London River
92 Photos, 42 min of video
London River and Lily Lane are two big tittied MILFS looking to dominate if they win. London is not impressed with the little Lily Lane while Lily knows her speed is what is going to be London's undoing. These sexual gladiators go tit to tit and one wrestler doesn't even let the other one make any moves. While the score going into round 3 looks like there is a clear winner, Orgasms on the mat are still in play for round 3 so the underdog still has a chance. The winner trains the bratty loser to take winner cock without complaining. One of these MILFs has to boss her brat loser around to put her in her place.

Tags: Big Breasts Facesitting Kissing Strap On Fucking Tribbing Winner Fucks Loser
Agatha Delicious vs London River
Agatha Delicious, London River
107 Photos, 44 min of video
Two beautiful MILFs battle it out today to see who will get to wear the strap on for the prize. Agatha Delicious is undefeated so far. London River have been showing improvements with each match she does. Today we let these beautiful MILFs battle it out. One wrestlers is pinned and kissed while she tries to get out of the holds. Both girls apply incredibly strong leg scissors on each other. Both girls rack up favor in the judge's eye by kissing and sucking on each other. Only one girl can win. The winner has the loser worship her body by starting with armpit worship. Loser is strap on fucked with a foot on the head and then the winner uses the losers body for her pleasure. Winner rubs her clit all over the loser's back pushing the loser's face in to the mat. Losers don't get to see the winner take their prize some times.

Tags: Armpit Licking Big Breasts Facesitting Fingers In The Pussy Foot Domination Foot on Head Kissing Leg Scissor Squeeze LEZDOM Strap On Fucking Tribbing Winner Fucks Loser
London River vs Jenna Noelle
Jenna Noelle, London River
105 Photos, 44 min of video
When did London River get so mean? Somewhere along the lines she evolved into an amazing dominatrix and she refuses to let a cupcake like Jenna Noelle take her down. London never claims to be the best wrestler but she knows how to sexually dominate green pornstars. Today London is on her A game. London trash talks her opponent then backs up the talk. In Round 3, Jenna is desperate to make London come. The winner is determined. The winner ties the loser up with her own bikini and has the loser get "slave training" by teaching the loser good manners about when to ask for permission and say thank you.

Tags: Big Breasts Bondage Facesitting Kissing LEZDOM Strap On Fucking Winner Fucks Loser
London River vs Kay Carter
Kay Carter, London River
127 Photos, 42 min of video
London River is on fire lately. She has tapped into her lezdom side and she really enjoys pinning girls down and having her way with them. Kay is undefeated in her lesbian matches so far. But she hasn't been tested by any real competition. Today London wants to test Kay. These blonds are sassy and talk a lot of trash to each other. One blond is able to get in the head of the other and she utterly dominated. The winner does a training session on the brat who does not know how to be submissive. The loser must learn how to ask for permission to cum and how to be grateful for all the pain and pleasure she receives. This is a beautiful topping session from one MILF to the other. The brat needs to learn appreciation by worshiping armpits and pussy and giving the winner some well deserved orgasms.

Tags: Armpit Licking Big Breasts Facesitting Fingers In The Pussy FLEXING Kissing LEZDOM Strap On Fucking Tribbing Winner Fucks Loser
Brandi Mae vs London River
Brandi Mae, London River
90 Photos, 42 min of video
Brandi Mae is a solid body builder with big muscles and a big clit. London River is a sexy poll dancer with deceitful upper body strength. Today these two porn babes, enter into a sex fight to see who will be wearing the strap on. Brandi is really good at keeping her powerful legs locked closed. London is really good at freaking out her opponent with sexy moves like armpit licking and kissing. These girls are all over the mats with their wrestling. It's a real power exchange between these two. One of these women gets the W and is able to strap on fuck her prize. The winner humiliates the loser by rubbing the cock all over the losers body, sucking her clit and leaving her used on the mats.

Tags: Armpit Licking Big Breasts Facesitting Humiliation Kissing Strap On Fucking Tribbing Winner Fucks Loser
Carissa Montgomery vs London River
Carissa Montgomery, London River
100 Photos, 42 min of video
Two Blond Big Tittied MILF in competitive Lesbian wrestling! What more could you ask for?!!!! London River has a few wins on her record. She loves feeling like a champion and now the evil side is coming out in her. Carrissa Montgomery is a stunning blond MILF with huge tits. Her tits are so lovely the only thing that would make them even more lovely would be to see them tied up in breast bondage. In fact, both these girls have very beautiful tits that would look good in bondage so who ever wins gets to tie up her opponent's tits whil she. One of these girls dominates all of the wrestling, one of these girls tries to get an instant victory by making her opponent cum with armpit licking. The winner is called, The strapon comes out and both these girls get their orgasms. The Winner verbablly humiliates her poor little loser partner. The tites are tied and the winner trib fucks the loser until they both cum.

Tags: Armpit Licking Big Breasts Facesitting Fingers In The Pussy Hair Pulling Hand Gag Leg Scissor Squeeze Strap On Fucking Tribbing Winner Fucks Loser
London River vs Penny Barber
London River, Penny Barber
118 Photos, 45 min of video
Penny Barber is back and badder than ever. She's our resident MILF orgasm inflictor with big tits a curvy ass and an attitude as sexy as her ass is. Today she is taking on a blond MILF, London River. It's Blond vs Brunette today. Penny Barber is able to dominate with her signature "gift wrap" move however, everyone knows that Penny is very orgasmic and cums easily on the mats. London is determined to get her victory by making Penny cum on the mats in round 3. This match displays great dominance in the wrestling and also in the prize round. There is amazing fingering, face sitting and trash talk. In round 4 the Winner face fucks the loser and then bends her over for pussy fucking and ass fucking. The winner fingers the losers ass then sits on over her and squirts on the loser, leaving her in a pile of filth.

Tags: Anal Big Breasts Facesitting Fingers In The Pussy Hair Pulling Strap On Fucking Tribbing Winner Fucks Loser
Rocky Emerson vs London River
London River, Rocky Emerson
115 Photos, 41 min of video
London River is so far undefeated for her Lesbian matches on evolved fights. This will be her second match for the season. Rocky Emerson hasn't had such a good start to the season. Standing 6'3 her long limbs have given her opponents trouble on the mats but not enough trouble to get the victory. Both these women are truly Amazon goddesses with perfect model physiques and leg power that could pop any untrained man's head off. Today is a battle of the long limbs. Both these models are tall in height but Rocky clearly has the height advantage in this match and because Rocky is so tall, she dwarf's London who isn't a small girl. These two horny porn stars go for a lot of kissing, tribbing and finger action to gain favor in the judges eyes. One wrestler has better luck pinning her opponent and she is almost able to get her opponent to come on the mats. One wrestler is behind by points in round 3 and is desperate to get her opponent cumming so she can't win with an orgasm on the mat. it's an orgasmic match! The winner strap on fucks the bitter loser and rubs in the humiliation.

Tags: Big Breasts Fit Women Humiliation Strap On Fucking Tribbing Winner Fucks Loser
London River vs Charlotte Sartre
Charlotte Sartre, London River
53 Photos, 41 min of video
London River is a tall blonde Amazon with stripper strength. She's a dancer, so her upper body has developed great power. Charlotte Sartre is a lean goth beauty. She doesn't have a lot of wrestling experience, but she is a huge pervert, and since this sex fight is judged on how sexually aggressive each player is, Charlotte stands a chance to win even though she is much smaller than her opponent. These girls fight their hearts out. One girl is pinned and finger fucked. She is trapped and fingered until she is almost brought to tears. The winner gets to strap on fuck the loser. The loser must lick the toes of the winner then lick her sweaty armpits. The loser is strap on fucked while the winner does hair pulling and fish hooking.

Tags: Armpit Licking Body Scissors Facesitting Fingers In The Pussy Fish Hooking Fit Women Foot Domination Hair Pulling Strap On Fucking Tribbing Winner Fucks Loser


Where is the promised fight between London and Serene Siren? These two girls have a real rivalry
Promised? no matches are promised. Models retire or stop wrestling all the time. Serene does not do competitive wrestling anymore due to an injury. No matches are ever Promised, ever...in any sport.
Any chance of seeing a London vs Daisy match or a Savannah vs London match? My three favorites
imagine london river vs candice dare match the problem wrestling mat not enough.
London river stats should be 7 wins and 3 losses(penny,agatha and paris)